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Fire glass is a tempered glass manufactured in pebble sized fragments and used mostly in the interior and exterior decor of fire places, fire pits and fire pans. Fire glass has been designed to retain and direct light and heat in gas fireplaces, and like artificial logs and stones, it is additionally used to obscure the gas plumbing inherent in gas fireplaces or stoves. Though due to the process used in creating fireglass, it virtually lasts a lifetime and burns cleaner and more efficiently than conventional gas logs. It does not melt or emit gas fumes and leaves no soot or ash to be cleaned up.

NZ Fire Glass ———— Appearance

Our fire glass is eco friendly and available in a variety of different shapes, colours and textures to allow you to design a one of a kind look. It is tumbled and polished to prevent sharp edges and injury. You can choose one colour or mix and match your own to blend with any decor.

NZ Fire Glass ———— Usage

Our fire glass is very versatile and can be used for many different household features such as decor for indoor/outdoor fireplaces instead of artificial fire logs and stones, fire tables, fire pits, fire pans, aquariums, landscaping, and mosaic cement counter tops.

NZ Fire Glass ———— Quality

Unlike traditional fire sources, our eco friendly fire glass does not emit chemicals, fumes or soot, and guarantees a longer, clean-burning flame because of it. We are a trusted source in the fire pit glass industry and our fire pit glass will never burn or discolour.